We decided not to devote a specific ‘end of pipe’ workpackage to knowledge integration of dedicated expertise, as is frequently done in medium scale projects.

WP1 - Understanding global changes

It's intended to provide a conceptual basis for global change analysis. It will also stand as a sort of experience record of the participants over their own interaction experience in assessing global change impacts.

WP2 - Non-market impacts and behavioural analysis of key sectors

It will be devoted to impact assessment. Split into different sector dedicated tasks, the WP will cover health, amenities, population, land use, water, energy, trade and transportation externalities issues, performing meta analysis of the existing literature and providing original empirical studies for household’s water and energy demands together with health impacts measurements. Various outputs from WP2 will serve as inputs inside the modelling WP 3, 4, 5.

WP 3 - Models to estimate socio-economic impacts of global changes

It will be modelling oriented. The general objective of this WP is to enhance already existing models with features that will enable in WP4 the assessment of impacts of global changes outlined in WP1, and the analysis and quantification of optimal adaptation strategies and total costs in WP5.

WP 4 - Scenarios of socio-economic impacts of global changes

It will be the ‘assessment-box’ of the project. Impact estimates generated within this WP will be used as drivers for the suite of impact functions assembled by the consortium.

WP 5 - Autonomous and planned adaptation: total impacts of global change

It will focus upon adaptation issues; it will also provide the overall figures of the cost benefit analysis of global change. It will first produce scenarios in which the negative (positive) socio-economic impacts from global changes – examined in WP4 with models developed in WP3, are limited (enhanced) by means of appropriate adaptation measures, at the EU, national and macro-regional scales.

WP 6 - Discounting, Risk and Uncertainty in Modelling Impacts

The debate that followed the publication of the Stern review has shown that uncertainty and discounting issues are worth a specific study when dealing with large-scale, long-term global changes. This is the objective of WP6.