Project organisation

The Global-IQ Consortium comprises 11 partners that have agreed upon the management structure outlined below. This structure as well as the decision-making procedures will be established according to the following objectives:

  1. consideration of the equality and collective responsibility of all participants,
  2. efficiency and transparency of the overall management with little financial efforts,
  3. ensuring of compliance with all relevant regulations of the European Commission (EC),
  4. realisation of sound monitoring and professional administration to avoid time and cost escalation,
  5. realisation of effective quality management and respect specific schedule, including milestones and deliverables,
  6. and research according best scientific practice.

The management bodies, their scope of power, responsibilities and working procedures will be described in detail in the Consortium Agreement that will be signed by all participants, in case of funding (see Section 2.1.3). It will be each partner’s general responsibility to undertake all reasonable endeavours to perform and fulfil promptly, actively, and on time, all of its obligations under the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement as well as their tasks within the work packages according to their role in the Consortium including the submission of the deliverables as described in the proposal.

The management of the project will be achieved through a simple and clearly configuration, as illustrated in the figure below.